About &blanc

The & blanc is a multi-authored collection of accessories for the home, produced  by CorianⓇ DuPont. The collection consists of 8 small size pieces with different functions for different environments. These have been developed by Miguel Flores Soeiro (Art Director), Marco Sousa Santos, Toni Grilo, Gonçalo Campos, and Daniel Vieira.


These small-scale accessories, of domestic and semi-industrial production intend to show the world the potential of Corian® material, combined with the talent of some of the best Portuguese Designers. This is a perfect symbiosis of high-digital production technologies joined with care and manual finish, which results in parts with unmatched durability. It is not intended to be a mass production collection, each object is unique; they tell a story, have an intention and a distinct manufacturing process.


It is a solid, nonporous, homogeneous material, consisting of 1/3 acrylic resin, better known as Polymethyl methacrylate and 2/3 natural minerals. The main mineral is alumina trihydrate, derived from bauxite, from which aluminium is produced.

Extraordinary resistance to adverse physical and chemical conditions, high thermal and impact resistance and does not require special maintenance care.


The Designers of &blanc are Portuguese, with different experiences, backgrounds and distinctions, proven around the world. However, they have an ambition in common, which is creating objects according to a specific need of the consumer. Each &blanc piece is more than just an object, but rather a challenge which has become a reality.